Tuesday, January 30, 2007

William's crib

The newly-lowered crib is a great place for William to play or read books (see above). It's not helping much on the nap front, however. The last week or so, it's been hard to convince William to take his regular naps. Sometimes, he does. Sometimes he naps, but only for 20 or 30 minutes. Sometimes, he doesn't nap at all, and he gets mad that I even suggested it and he lets me know it.

So not only has our nighttime sleeping been sort of a wreck here lately, our daytime sleeping has been wonky, too. Ack. We're kind of tired around here.

William was never the world's best napper, but he was on a fairly regular schedule, and he had mostly stopped fighting it. I could count on a daytime nap around 11 or 12, and usually a late afternoon nap around 4:30 or 5. But all of a sudden, it's like he decided that naps are the Enemy. (Naps: the third pillar of the Axis of Evil. Details at 11.) Sometimes, he gets tired and sleepy, so I stand up to put William in the crib. But the instant he realizes what I'm doing, he screams bloody murder. He begins to thrash around, batting the binky out of his mouth, brushing my hands away and wailing like an air siren. The sheer amount of noise that boy can make when he gets all riled up...it's like Willasaurus Rex cloned himself and created a herd. He just won't have it. No napping. None. No sir. Only he expresses it at a much higher volume.

I don't know what the answer is. I guess I'll try to soldier on. I've heard that some kids experience sleep regressions at certain times. Maybe that's what this is. Maybe it's not. Who knows.

So William is willing to hang out with his books in his crib. He just doesn't much want to sleep there. But on the upside, at least William is really getting into his books these days. Sometimes I can put him down with a handful of books and toys, and he completely ignores the toys in favor of the books. Last night, William even "helped" David turn the pages of "Good Night Moon."

What can I say? I knew I had a smart kid. I mean, he may not be an early crawler or walker, and he may never be the quarterback of the football team or the star of the track team, but by George, he's going to be smart. He can turn pages! He can chew on a book! Already, if you just say the word "wave" to him, he will start to wave--without any visual cues. See? He can wave, too! He's a genius! I should go out and buy him a physics textbook!

Okay. Maybe I won't go that far. He can read one of his daddy's anatomy textbooks that we already have.


Anonymous said...

Does he ever fall asleep "reading" his books in bed like some grownups I know?
Love, Mama Dee

Jennifer Larson said...

Yes! We turn off his light, and he's usually still waving his copy of Good Night Moon around. But don't worry that we're letting him ruin his eyes by reading in the dark. He has a nightlight. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, just make sure he has enough books and he can just read himself to sleep! Again I say (please forgive me)this too will pass. Love, Moma Judi

Anonymous said...

I still like the idea of putting William and Graham in their little person tent on the beach next summer with their lap tops and not letting them out until they have mastered calculus.