Monday, January 15, 2007

The Plague, redux

Well, the plague is back.

William threw up twice last night, and once early this morning. So far, neither David nor I have succumbed to the evil that is the Winter Gastrointestinal Bug this time around. But give it time. David ran to the grocery yesterday and stocked up on Gatorade, just in case.

William has kept all his liquids down all day, and despite sleeping a lot more than usual, seems to be doing okay. So hopefully, this is the end of it. This time. And gosh, I hope David doesn't get the bug. His birthday is the 18th, and it seems like he's always sick on his birthday. It'd be nice to skip that little ersatz tradition this year.

In the meantime, to entertain and delight you, the public, here are some shots that I took on Saturday, before the Plague descended upon the House of Wyckoff:

William, wearing a fetching necklace of Fisher Price pop beads:

Boys in navy sweaters:

The king of all makeshift toys and a tried-and-true William favorite: the lowly household whisk:

More of the boys in their navy sweaters (it was bitterly cold here all weekend):


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Sorry that sweet baby got sick again - sounds like he is recovering well. Sure hope you and David don't catch it! Your boys both look very handsome in their navy sweaters.
Love, Diane

Jennifer Larson said...

William and David were twinkies: navy sweaters and jeans. But they didn't plan it: I did. :)