Saturday, January 27, 2007

Escape artists and graham crackers

Look what I found when I walked into William's room today.

In case the picture's not very clear, it's a shot of William propping himself up on his knees and grasping the crib railing. He's studying the view and plotting his next move. The next step is figuring out how to stand up and launch himself headfirst out of the crib. Which hopefully we can prevent. David found the tools to lower the crib mattress, and that's number one on the agenda for tomorrow.

We've been lucky, very lucky, thus far that William's not hellbent on escape, the way some kids his age are. He's no Harry Houdini. Yet. But that golden era of immobility and its crucial correlary--his blissful ignorance that there's any other possibility--is coming to an end. In other words, William's starting to realize he might be able to get around by himself. And he's starting to experiment. And his daddy and I are starting to get nervous.

Well, the golden age was good while it lasted, anyway.


Here's a little series of photos I like to call Graham Cracker William.

I learned some very important lessons about graham crackers during this little episode:

Graham Crackers for Dummies Lesson No. 1: Graham crackers are tas-teeeeee!

Graham Crackers for Dummies Lesson No. 2: And, my God, they are messy.

Graham Crackers for Dummies Lesson No. 3: When soggy graham cracker debris dries on a small person's face, it is nearly impossible to get off, short of sand-blasting or the vigorous application of numerous baby wipes, which usually has the unintended effect of enraging the small person.

Graham Crackers for Dummies Lesson No. 4: Graham crackers have lots of sugar in them. Lots and lots of sugar, yum, yum, yum! A small, sticky, graham-cracker-coated person full of sugar is a very, um, challenging person to handle.

Graham Crackers for Dummies Lesson No. 5: Eh, it's worth it. Look how much fun we had! And besides, it's one of the many reasons God invented washing machines.


Anonymous said...

He looks like he's having a ball in the graham cracker shots. And oh boy - lots of sugar! Sorry that Mr. Houdini is starting to arise. Lowering that crib mattress sounds like a good idea!


Anonymous said...

Yum yum! He has discovered COOKIES! Guess I'll HAVE to make those Christmas cookies next Yuletide! The expression on his face in the first picture is priceless - you can just imagine the wheels turning (or rather the neurons firing) in that marvelous brain.
"I know there's a way out. I know I can do it. Think! Think! Think!"
Love, Mama Dee

Anonymous said...

Alright, Mommy & Daddy! Your work is cut out for you! And that is a precious picture--William's expression is priceless! Love, Moma Judi

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! That's a very interesting list of lessons learned about the humble graham cracker. Of course, you have to love that something as simple as a graham cracker can be that much fun!