More About Me

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about myself. By trade, I'm a writer, meaning that I've made my living off my writing most of my adult life. But actually, I've been a writer ever since I wrote a story about spiders in kindergarten.

I married David Wyckoff in 2002 and gave birth to William David Wyckoff in 2006. I decided to combine those activities shortly after the birth of William and thus launched this blog. When my second son Andrew James Wyckoff was born in 2010, I began to chronicle his life--and his effect on our lives--on this blog as well. In a way, this blog was started as a journal so that I would remember all the things that we say we are going to remember but often forget. But I realized that it was also a good way for me to keep my friends and family updated on our lives...and to, shall we say, opine on family type issues. Ahem.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and I work from home as a freelance journalist. You can email me at larson_jennifer [at] And if you want to read more about my professional pursuits, please visit my other blog Jennifer Larson, Writer at Large.