Saturday, May 09, 2015

Nine is definitely fine

My mom captured this magical shot of William celebrating his ninth birthday with his family:

I meant to post the photo right away on this blog, but I'm guessing none of you are too surprised that it took me this long. :) We had piano recitals, choir programs, soccer game, meetings, and other stuff going on. Per usual for this time of year.

Style Blueprint recently ran a brilliant column about the horrorshow that May can be, and my only addition to the writer's otherwise spot-on words is this: April is just about as insane as May. Actually more so for our family, because you have to add in Easter, our church retreat at Camp NaCoMe, and William's birthday. Now that we are into the second week of May, things are finally, finally starting to settle down a little bit. Of course, I have come down with a cold because that's how I roll. Run run run at breakneck speed to get everything down, then immediately succumb to the latest virus wafting through the air with the pollen. When I was in high school and college, I often got sick at the end of the semester, after everything was done. It was my body's way of saying "You're done. Yes, you are."

Back to William turning nine. It's been a long time since this first birthday celebration:

But I will say this: he still loves cake just as much as he did then. And he is just as delightful. The beauty of William being nine is that he's becoming this wonderful person, not just a little kid. He talks about how he values kindness and being kind to other people, which just  makes my heart fill with happiness. And he does! Recently, we had a small friend stay with us overnight when his mom went into the hospital to have a baby. The little boy got sad after awhile because he was missing his mommy. William fetched the little boy a cup of ice water and sat there with him while the little boy drank the water and calmed down a little bit. Then William sat down next to him, patted him and talked so sweetly to him about what a big boy he was and what a great big brother he was going to be. (Andrew was the one who originally came and found me, and while William was helping out, he was searching for snacks for the boy, so I have to give him some credit, too.)  He read bedtime stories to both boys that night, too. 

William still tends to "sweat the small stuff" but he's learning that sometimes, you do have to learn to do something before you can be good at it. And the best part: after he learns that, he says so! This is the kid who actually thanked me after giving him a tough-love pep talk when he was struggling to ride his bike without training wheels. Still aglow from the victory of finally being able to sail down the greenway on two wheels, he sighed happily and thanked me. I think it may have even involved the words "You were right, Mom."

I love you, my sweet nine-year-old boy!