Wednesday, September 10, 2008

William's report card

I so love William's new school. They take pictures of all the kids and put them in an online gallery every so often, then email a link to the parents. And they write these really cute notes for their daily reports. Here's the note that his teachers send home in his little orange backpack today:

"Today, I had a great day! I am so well adjusted! I love to talk and play with all my friends. I am quite the social butterfly! Outside, I had fun trying to scare my teachers. :) "

I can totally imagine that last part. This morning, William was howling from his crib, "Mommeeeee! Come open my door! Come open my DOOR!" at the top of his lungs. When I finally got to his room and opened the door, he shouted "Boo!" at me. Of course, I clutched my chest, jumped backward and said "Oh, my, I am so scared!" You've got to play the game, you know?

Anyway, William seems to be thriving. Today, I arrived to pick him up at 2 p.m. He was still lying on his little quilted nap mat, with Natty (Back-Up Natty, actually) and his dinosaur blanket cuddled up with him. He poked his head up when he saw me approaching and slowly, sleepily began to unwind himself to sit up. Then he showed me all the frogs on his nap mat. He was willing to leave...but only after I reminded him that he would be coming back on Friday.

Oh, if only he would love school that much forever. It would make middle school so much better...

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