Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beach pictures

I wanted to post beach pictures before the scent of the salt and sea faded any more....

Me and William posing on the beach. I love this photo. You can't see much of me in my bathing suit AND we're at the beach AND we're both smiling!

Shoeless William ascends the steps.

Cute beach shot:

Cute beach shot with David:

Here I am helping William "build a sand castle." Sand castles rarely actually made it to the actual castle stage. We'd get one bucket of sand all molded together, and William would gleefully begin to smash it to sandy bits with his shovel (or occasionally, his bottom).

Yep. That's as much castle as there ever was, right there:


William got the giggles.

William loved to find the remnants of other people's hard work so he could enjoy them, too:

The following series was taken on one of the nights that we took William down the beach to the "ice cream cone store."

Ah, my sweet boys.

I really love this shot. It's just so William. The lighting was so beautiful, too. I wish it was a little bit more centered, but it's still pretty good. It makes me smile, and that's the important thing.

Sigh. Don't you kinda wish you'd been with us, too? It all looks so wonderful and romantic in that idealized-memory-of-vacations-past way when you're not presently covered in sand and sticky sunscreen, doesn't it? Ah well. It was pretty wonderful most of the time, regardless of the sand finding its way into every remote corner of our clothing.

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