Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just asked William if he had anything to say to you, our dear readers.

This is his answer: "Happy holidays! I want to say Happy Holidays, please."

I'm not exactly sure which holidays to which he is referring. Let me ask him.

He doesn't want to tell me. Oh well. Consider yourself wished a happy holiday of some sort, whichever sort you prefer.

The stuff that he usually says these days, however, is cracking me up on a regular basis. Yesterday on the playground, he ducked underneath the play structure and announced, "Excuse me! I'm a dinosaur!" Where does he get these things? And whenever he wants a story, he says, "Tell me a once upon a time!"

Of course, sometimes he comes out with things that just make your heart skip a beat. Like this. He just told me, "You're my best Mommy! You're my best Mommy in the whole world!"

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Anonymous said...

I love the Williamcisms! Two of those would be great titles for children's books - "Tell Me A Once Upon a Time" and "Excuse Me, I'm A Dinosaur". Is that last one borrowed from the book about dinosaurs learning to share or be friends?