Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hurray for naps!

Attention, attention. Achtung.

William is napping. That's right, you heard me right. He's napping. That's NAPPING for those of you sitting in the back row.

We've been experiencing sort of a nap strike of late. It's mostly a school-related nap strike. William loves school so much that he just doesn't want to shut his eyes and, you know, sleep during naptime at school. I guess he's afraid he might miss something exciting.

So today, weary of all the no-nap days when he's been wired and overwrought by bedtime, I decided to be proactive. I figured, what the heck. Why not try this? So I told William all the way home that he'd need to take a nap at home. Just a short nap, I told him, but a nap. I sweetened the deal by giving him a package of fruit treats in the car and read two of his favorite books to him when we arrived at home.
Plunked him down in his crib, and he didn't resist at all. He didn't even do his usual OCD thing of straightening all his stuffed animals and sippy cups. He just willingly snuggled up and let me drape a blanket over him.

That was over an hour ago, and as far as I can tell, he's still asleep. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. I am so relieved. At his age (and activity level), any nap is better than no nap.

From earlier this week:

William looking at pictures of himself:

The picture he's looking at:

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