Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's a school night

William starts school on Friday!

He will officially be a member of the Westminster School for Young Children's Toddlers and Twos program. His class is the Jungle Room class, which as we've all endlessly remarked, is perfect for our little monkey boy.

We had orientation on Wednesday, so we got to see the classroom and meet his new teachers, Miss Aubrey and Miss Sarah. Aren't they cute?

They seem really terrific, too, so I'm looking forward to William having a great year.

And we're all ready to go. His backpack is packed and ready. His lunch is waiting in the fridge. I've washed his new, gaudy nap mat cover and written his name on all and sundry. We're good to go. I'm reasonably sure that I've forgotten something, but at this point, I think we'll be mostly okay.

And I'm much less sniffly this year, sending my son off to school, than I was last year. I'm still going to take pictures, though.

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