Friday, May 02, 2008

Wrapping up the last minute details

Well, we leave early early early tomorrow morning. William's in bed, Diane's in the guest room, and David and I are putting the last few items in our suitcases. David just printed the boarding passes, and I am making sure I have my cell phone charger and camera packed in my carry-on bag. We showed Diane where all of William's food is, how to give him a dose of Flovent, and where his clothes are. She's here often enough that she's pretty familiar with most of that stuff anyway. I think we've done just about everything now but load the car.

Wish me luck! This is (will be) a big watershed moment in my life as a parent!

Coupla quick pictures from the other day of William wearing his snazzy new hat from Leland:


Shab said...

Have a wonderful time!

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