Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I be right back

The scene: young mother (okay, young-ish) sitting at the kitchen table, dressed in her pajamas, with toddler scampering merrily about.

I was reading the paper and slurping up the remains of a bowl of Special K in the kitchen this morning, while William was running from one end of the house to the other, trying to decide what to do with himself. He finally brought me a couple of books to read. I read "Madeline" and "Corduroy" to him, sitting there at the table, enjoying the familiar words and the weight of my toddler on my lap. When I finished, he hopped down and ran off.

But before he disappeared from my line of sight, he turned around.

"I be right back," he said confidently. "I'm going in there. I be back, five minutes. I be right back."

And off he dashed.

I'm wondering, wow, how many times have I said some variation of those words to him?


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that he's now reassuring you not to worry because he's coming back. He knows you'll be right there waiting and you"ll be SOOOO happy to see him again.


Shab said...

It must really be nice to know that he really gets it when you tell him that you'll be right back!