Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another haircut, ho hum

My son, bless his little heart, seems to have inherited my hair. That is, it grows ridiculously fast and has a tendency to get big and wavy the longer it gets.

Even William twisted a lock of hair around his finger and proclaimed himself "shaggy." Hee hee.

So, in the interest of looking a little neater and more presentable for our trip to Natchez tomorrow, I took William to Great Clips for a haircut.

I braced myself, loaded down with snacks and books for distraction, and we walked in the door. As it turned out, I didn't even need to worry. William did beautifully. He willingly sat in the big chair and let the lady cover him up with a cloak. He even sat still while she cut his hair with the scissors.

He did reach out from beneath the doggie cloak, however, and hold my hand. He was so brave, with his chin up, but he wanted to make sure Mama didn't leave him. For those of you without children, this one of those moments where you are so glad in your heart that you are a parent to this child.

Near the end, the stylist asked if I thought he'd let her trim up the back with the clippers. I said, "Well, we can see." And to my shock, he actually let her do it! We talked up the "it tickles!" aspect so he wouldn't be scared, and I guess it worked.

I think William earned his lollipop, absolutely. You can bet I lavished praise on him for being such a big boy and being so well-behaved. I think he was proud of himself, too.

His hair's still wavy, and still has the tendency to get big, but at least it's shorter and neater now.

Side view:


heide said...

Lachlan just got another haircut, too. I swear, these boys have the same hair. Lachlan's has to be cut every 4-5 weeks.

Man, I wish we could get the boys together some day.

Shab said...

Yago is way overdue a haircut. He's got hair that decides to curl a bit as well. I promised Santi that this week we'll get it cut. (I have to confess that his last haircut was around the end of January...) I actually like Yago's hair longer.