Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two new things

We've only been in Natchez two days, and William has already done two new things.

He met a horse named Pudding this morning:

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And he won the first cake in a cake walk at a benefit dinner at the Marketplace Cafe this evening:
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Apparently 36 is William's lucky number! That's the number he landed on. He got to pick out the cake that he wanted, and of course, he chose the one with the M&Ms on it. We're about to dig into it, so I'll write more later.

P.S. Just so you know...the inflatable toddler bed is perfectly serviceable...if you discount the fact that it does not contain my toddler, who likes to roam around and open drawers and get into other mischief...

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Anonymous said...

Hi William and Jen,

What fun you're having! Getting to meet a horse AND win a cakewalk sounds great. I'll bet that M&M cake is delicious.

Dee Dee