Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Internet is down...

How on earth did we all manage before the Internet?

Well, I'll tell you. You have to watch CNN to get news, and then you have to listen through too many hours of Anna Nicole Smith coverage to get to what you really want. David and I found this out the hard way this week: our phone and Internet service have been out since Tuesday night. We are NOT PLEASED.

Anyway, that's why we've had a Three Peas news blackout for the past five days. Please be patient. And if you have extra patience, please send it to me because I'm about ready to throttle the phone company.

William says hi, by the way. He's a rolling maniac these days. If I put him down in one spot on the floor, he squirms, wiggles, half crawls and rolls to get to another one. Amazingly enough, he can do that really quickly, too. It may not sound like an efficient mode of transportation, but I guess he makes the best of his situation!

Later, gator. I'm posting this from the majestic quarters of the 29 Palms public library, and William is singing LOUDLY, and I really can't continue to subject the other patrons to his impromptu concert. Oops, there go his socks. It's like performance art. Man, I hope they get the phone and Internet service back up again soon.

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Anonymous said...

We've really been missing you! No updates since Monday! Hope you're back on line soon.
Love, Mama Dee and Granddaddy Aaron