Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One foot, two foot, left foot, right foot

William knows his right from his left now. I have no idea how or when he learned this, but tonight in the tub, he held up his right food and proclaimed, "My right foot." Then he dropped it back in the tub and showed me "my left foot."

I squealed very loudly and praised him in that very-high-octave voice that only new(ish) parents have. You'd have think he'd won a Nobel Prize from my level of excitement.

"Yeah, I've been teaching him that," David said a couple of hours later when I excitedly told him the big news that our son is clearly a genius. "I've been saying, let's wash your left foot and let's wash your right foot."

And he added proudly, "He's a smart boy."

A few minutes later..."Of course, it could have been coincidence that he got them right tonight."

Here's William with his DeeDee on his left and his Mama Judi on his right:

We were in downtown Franklin today, attempting to eat lunch at a tea room. Which turned out to be closed. Which did not upset William in the slightest, since you can see him digging in in this photo.

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