Monday, July 14, 2008

Better living through Star Wars

We're still trying to eke out a little more use from our hooded toddler towels for William. He's just about too tall for most of them, but for now, we're still using them. Although the towels are a little short, the hoods weirdly tend to slide down over William's eyes if you don't put them on top of his head correctly.

So, longtime Star Wars fanatic that he is, David has taught William to say, "But I can't see anything with the blast shield down!"

Of course, it sounds more like, "I can't see anyfig with bas sheed down, Dadddee." But considering William's never seen the movie and has absolutely no clue what a blast shield is, I'd say that's pretty good.

Bonus points to anyone who can 1) identify which scene of the movie that quote is from and 2) why a battle helmet would have a solid shield that doesn't allow the wearer to see through it. (Clearly, it must be a battle helmet from an extinct race, wouldn't you think?)

May the Force be with you.


Anonymous said...

Is it the scene when Yoda was training Luke to USE THE FORCE?


Jennifer Larson said...

Bzzzzt! Try again!

Anonymous said...

O.K. Was it Han Solo in some battle on his ship? Or C3PO? Maybe that's it! Am I getting closer?


Brian said...

I love your blog!
The scene takes place on the Millenium Falcon when Obi-Wan is teaching Luke about the force and how to use a lightsaber to block the training droid's lasers.