Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yes, more snow!

You know the best part of being only three feet tall? Four inches of drifted snow comes to your knees!

That's right, the Storm of 2008 was here. It was breathlessly followed on the television news, and yet, it turned out to be remarkably drama free. The snow mostly fell overnight, and when we woke up this morning, we had a winter wonderland waiting for us.

William could hardly wait to get outside. He objected to the fact that David and I wanted to do something extremely unreasonable, like get dressed and put on our shoes and coats. He didn't mind putting on his own coat and hat, however, because it meant he was one step closer to snow. I don't think he realized how much snow there was, however, until he had to literally wade through it. It was a thick powdery snow, good for skiing. Not so good for snowball-throwing and snowman-making, although we did try our hands at both. But mostly, it was just beautiful. And cold.

Our neighbor's little boy offered William a ride on his sled:

I think he had a pretty good time.

After a half hour or so, William decided it was time for scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls inside the nice warm house. "Go inside," he ordered.

Yes, Your Majesty.

And to top off an already good day, William attended his friend Mary-Allen's second birthday party in the afternoon. He got to take a few spins around her house in the little motorized car that she had received for her birthday; he got to hang out with Leland, and he got to eat one delicious sugary cupcake and bring another one, along with his very own helium balloon, home for later.

Really, can you think of a better way for a little boy to spend a winter day?


Anonymous said...

This was the best snow we've had in FIVE years! Glad William had a chance to enjoy it. Sounds like the birthday party was lots of fun, too.

With love,
Dee Dee

JenFen said...

Wow Jen, great pics. William really seems to love the snow. It is just so hard for me to imagine right now. We went down to the Living Desert yesterday and it was 83. Are you sure you don't miss it?

Jennifer Larson said...

I have to admit that on the really gloomy rainy days when the bottoms of my jeans are wet from getting in and out of the rain, the idea of a beautiful breezy warm day is pretty nice. But then I remember the 120 degree summer days with the sun searing me into a human version of beef jerkey, and I think, Nah. I can put up with this!