Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Be careful what you say...

Whenever David's on call, we have a prohibition against using certain words. The Q-word is perhaps the most important verboten word during on-call shifts. Never ever use the Q-word. Do not say, "David, I hope your call tonight is q----." Never say, "Well, maybe tonight will be a q---- night." Never. In fact, you really shouldn't even think the Q-word on on-call nights. Why bring bad juju on yourself just for your non-verbalized verbal carelessness?

So you would think I would understand the whole concept of jinxing one's self. But merely two days after I post that it's 70 degrees and I have spring fever, where do I end up?

Driving through the freezing rain to the pediatrician's office to have my normally ebullient son tested for the flu.

The good news: William does not have the flu. More good news: he doesn't have strep throat either. And even more good news: He's more or less doing okay. His eyes are a little sunken, and he's had intermittent low fevers. He's also been a bit wheezy, which we've addressed by doubling the twice-daily Flovent doses and adding in regular administrations of Albuterol, too. But at least he's been in a pretty decent mood (except when the fever does mount), and he's eating a reasonable amount, if not the normal hungry-man-sized portions that he usually eats.

So I'm taking a watch-and-wait approach to this little end-of-winter bug. Hopefully he'll knock it down soon.

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