Thursday, March 06, 2008

New tooth, new potty

Two fairly important pieces of news from here.

Er, check that. Two pieces of minutiae that are new to report today:

First, you know that lower tooth that William seemingly was never going to get? Well, David noticed it peeping up over the gumline this morning. Finally! It's only, what, a year late? I kind of got accustomed to the gap-tooth smiled, actually. I even liked it. But it's nice to know that yes, he does have a tooth in that spot, and he's likely to have a permanent tooth down there, too.

Hey, maybe that's why William has been stuffing his hands in his mouth so much lately.

Secondly, David bought William a potty this afternoon. Not just any old potty, either. A talking Elmo potty.

Here's William giving it a dry run (a very dry run, of course, since he's wearing all his clothes and a diaper here):

Now you all know that I've said, many times, that I'm not even going to think about potty training 'til well after William's second birthday. He's a boy, and boys tend to train later than girls. Also, he still wears so many overalls and one-piece outfits that I wasn't eager to start anything that required even more undressing than diaper changes do.

But the other night, I asked him if he knew what a potty was for, and he immediately brightened and said, "Pee pee! And poo poo!" Well, folks, seems like he's pretty clear on the concept. So David said he'd pick one out.

I have no idea if we'll be able to coax him into actually using the potty anytime soon or not. Like I said, it's so early. But what the heck. He can sit on it and pretend, and eventually we'll figure it all out.

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