Thursday, January 03, 2008

New year, new look for William

And you thought William's new look for 2008 was just a haircut. Well, I say....nothing heralds a happy new year and a new look like a busted lip.

That's...em....three busted lips my dear son has racked up over the last six months. The first was the faceplant at MBA homecoming. The second was at the balloon festival in Natchez. And the latest was courtesy of the slippery wood floors in our hallway. I walked in the garage door and was greeted by a sweet pink face and a pair of lips the size of Angelina Jolie's.

Can you see the swollen top lip? It already looked better by the time I took this picture:

Poor baby. Actually, I should probably amend that to "poor David." I was away at a meeting when William skidded off through the house in his sock feet. David heard the thunk from the living room. He tried to put a cold rag on William's mouth, but William wasn't having too much of that. He didn't like the cold bag of ice cubes, either. David was all upset, but William recovered his good cheer pretty quickly.

Don't worry. William is just fine. Just fine, David, really!

So why do I chronicle these things in such exhaustive detail? Ah, I just think it's a good thing to balance out all the times I crow about all the new terrific things that William does. You know, show the other side of our parenting efforts. Yeah, we let our kid run around in sock feet sometimes and he falls down. I let him have fruit for dinner instead of vegetables because I just didn't feel like convincing him to eat the vegetables. David forgot to pull the crib rail up tonight when we put the little guy to bed. We mess up a lot. And sometimes we don't mess up, but William, well, William did seem to inherit the Larson Klutz Gene, and not even perfect parenting efforts can quite override genetics that strong all the time.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I don't think the Klutz gene is exclusive to the Larson clan. Some of the paternal inheritance may also be contributing.

With love,
Diane aka DEEDEE

Anonymous said...

Graham says,

"Sorry about your fat lip, buddy. You should try standing in the seat of a kiddie chair. The back will tumble over and you will hit your lip on the window sill. Awesome man! Funny thing is, my Mommy was RIGHT THERE. She thought, 'I'm close enough to catch him if he loses his balance.' Ha, ha, ha, Mommy! After the swelling in my fat lip went down it looked like a cold sore.