Saturday, January 19, 2008

David's birthday

We celebrated David's 25th birthday last night for the tenth time. (You figure it out.) We had a family dinner here at the Larson-Wyckoff manse, complete with barbecue and fried okra from the Loveless Cafe and a dark chocolate fudge cake that I managed to make and decorate while William was at school.

It was so nice to have a happy little birthday party for David. Mark and Diane and Aaron and I all got to sing happy birthday to him on his actual birthday, and no one was sick. That might not sound like a big deal, but Diane said she can't even remember the last time she actually saw David on his real birthday.The last God-knows-how-many years, he's had to work or be on call or was sick. Or there was the year we had just gotten back from a weekend in Las Vegas, only to come down with the flu. David mostly remembers taking exams at Princeton on his birthday or being on call for 48 hours during residency. And none of us will ever forget how sick everyone was last Christmas and for Aaron's birthday. So I really wanted to do something nice for him this year. He works hard, and he deserved a nice birthday for once.

So here's the birthday boy and his baby!

I don't know about the adults, but the cake was a bit hit with William. He even asked for ice cream when he saw that we hadn't put any on his plate.

Since I can't quite let go of the belief that birthdays should be Festive, even if it's just a little bit, I trotted on down to the Publix yesterday and bought a helium Spider-Man balloon for David. Yes, I bought a Spider-Man birthday balloon for my 34-year-old husband. Not for my toddler, who also loves Spider-Man. David's just lucky that I managed to resist the siren call of the party aisle at Target yesterday, too. We could have gotten all decked out with pointy birthday hats and all sorts of paraphernalia. But good sense and my checkbook managed to prevail. Barely.

It was a very Festive Day for William all around, even if he wasn't totally sure why. He did say "birfday?" a few times, but I'm not sure how much meaning "birfday" has to a 20-month-old. I mean, he can say "touchdown" too, but I wouldn't expect him to give a lecture on how to score six points. A little girl in his class at school was celebrating her second birthday, so her mom brought a huge bunch of yellow and orange ballons, cupcakes and goody bags to William's class yesterday. So William got his own balloon and treat early in the day. He must have been about out of his mind, what with having cake and balloons twice in one day. And since he has an affinity for Spider-Man, too, he didn't quite understand that the Spider-Man helium balloon was for his daddy and not for him. But that's okay. He got to enjoy the Spider-Man balloon in the end. He's been walking around the house today, tugging the balloon behind him.

Anyway, here are the three of us, post-cake. David and I managed to eat our cake and ice cream without smearing any into our hair. However, the same cannot be said for our son:

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Anonymous said...

Balloons are fun for any age! I know I have always liked them and I have been around a long time! Happy Birthday, David! Love, Moma Judi