Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008!

A belated Happy New Year from our household. I hope that 2008 brings as many good things as 2007 did!

Mom and my brother John were visiting for the week, and the Wyckoffs came over for New Year's Day. We all celebrated the big day with the traditional pot of black eyed peas. Even William ate a few for good luck. He's getting to be much pickier about what he eats, but we eventually convince him to open up for a few peas.

I can't believe it's 2008 already. I remember New Year's Eve 1999. My roommates, Charlene and Loretta, and I threw a big party at our house in Memphis in honor of the upcoming milennium (yes, yes, we knew the new milennium didn't officially start until 2001, but that's beside the point). David was there, of course, and a bunch of our friends. It was quite the party--we all were up 'til well after 3 a.m., such a contrast to this year when David and I blearily watched the ball drop in Times Square from our warm bed before turning out the lamps. 2008 seemed like a lifetime away. And I guess it was! Since that night, I have moved away from Tennessee, finished graduate school in Maryland, moved to California, gotten married, moved to the desert, had a baby, and moved back to the South.

Whew. I'm sort of out of breath, just listing it all. We've even been here in Nashville for almost six months. That amazes me, too. And needless to say, I am constantly amazed by how much William has grown and changed since that mild April day in 2006 when he appeared in our lives. Mom, David and I were looking at a photo book that I made of pictures from 2006, and we all were just marveling at how small he used to be! It's amazing to look at the photos now, and then look down at the active little guy in corduroy overalls who is asking me for "more race, please?" (That's Williamease for "more raisins, please?") How is it even possible? It really is a miracle. I still get excited every time William does something new. I get excited about every new word and every time he does something we ask him to do. I know the excitement will eventually wear off, but I think I will always marvel over the fact that my big active child used to be a tiny little lump of baby.

Here's William reading his night-night, catalogue...with his grandma the other night. And yes, he chose the One Step Ahead catalogue on his own free will. Remember this is the same child who likes to eat lemons.

And here's William, playing on the floor with John. William had a haircut by the time we took this picture, but I don't know if you can really tell since it's kind of tousled. Thank God Mom and John were here to distract him while the lady was cutting his hair.

Anyway, I hope everyone is all ready for the new year. I think I am. Maybe I'll even eventually take down all the Christmas decorations!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer! What happened to your little baby? Where did he go? I saw that one picture you posted with his mouthful of teeth! He is so grown up. Look out comes William. O.K., a bit premature but yes, I must say it's hard to believe you've been back for six months!

You all look so happy and healthy. What a great start for 2008. Happy New Year to you all!


Anonymous said...

One other thing...Eric & I were just talking about that long ago night in 1999 at yours, Charlene's, and Lo's place in Memphis. That was a memorable evening - We met David that night!