Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another haircut...and new accessories

The only person whose hair gets shaggy faster than mine is my son's. This is what he looked like a mere four weeks after his last haircut:

Notice the bangs in his eyes. It's a miracle he could see. I guess if his hair wasn't blonde, he wouldn't have been able to!

So I took a deep breath and braced myself and took him to the Great Clips just up the road. It was the last day of their big haircut sale, and man, I couldn't resist the lure of a cheap haircut for my son who seems to need one all the time. It was worth the expected ear-splitting tantrum. Okay, maybe not to the other customers or the stylists but it was to me!

Luckily, his little personalized Sesame Street book (a first birthday gift from his buddy Mason) served as the perfect distraction device. I read to him while he sat on my lap and looked at the pictures, and the stylist swooped and dived in and managed to cut his hair. She got a little over confident there at the end, though, and she produced a set of electric clippers. That didn't go over so well. William might have let her approach his head with a relatively quiet pair of scissors but a set of buzzing clippers vibrating on his ears? Nope. Not even Elmo could save that. But other than that touchy little moment, we were relatively drama free. Yeeha!

I even let him have a sucker afterward because I was so relieved that 1) we got his hair cut at all, and 2) he actually behaved pretty well once we got settled. Of course, William wouldn't let either one of us be covered by a plastic cape, so instead our clothes were completely coated in a fine layer of thick blonde hair. Small price to pay. So I felt a little bit like a piece of about-to-be-fried chicken? So what? My son can see again. It's a miracle! Praise the Lord!

So here's William, posing with his Mardi Gras beads:

He really really loves the beads. I told him he was lucky he didn't even have to work for them, standing out on a beer-soaked street, trying to avoid being trampled by marching bands and mobs of bead-crazy kids on an early spring break. I'm sure his aunts Nancy and Loretta would love to tell him about the time his mom nearly got run over by a float, trying to get some beads, too.

Doesn't he look dapper with his new haircut and his new accessories?

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Anonymous said...

William looks very handsome with his new haircut. I bet he won't fuss at all the next time.

Dee Dee