Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New words

I love the fact that William is becoming more and more verbal every single day. Not that we don't still get the huge Donald Duck hissy-fit tantrums that result from a Misunderstanding, but it's getting easier for us to figure out what he wants. He can imitate more words now, too, even if he doesn't really understand what they mean.

New or recent words from the little prince's mouth:

Touchdown (accompanied by appropriate hand motions)


Reindeer (he was seriously, seriously bummed when our neighbors finally took down their Christmas decorations)

Fireworks (boom!)

Ball game (We always sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to him when we give him his asthma medication each night, and he always crows "ball game" through the air chamber at the very end. And he likes to say "snacks" a lot, too, because we replaced "peanuts and crackerjacks" with "peanuts and William snacks." We're very William-centric here, can you tell?)

Shampoo (and he even knows what you use it for. It is a Bad Idea to ask him about shampoo when he is eating with his hands, just so you know.)

Banana (all three syllables! w00t!)


Cream of wheat (sounds like "creeem whit")

Shower (sounds sort of like "shaw")

Roll (he likes bread products)

Mailman (Actually he's had this one for awhile, but he's really started saying it a lot lately. Maybe we've seen a lot more mailmen lately. I don't know.)

Chicken Little (Sounds like "chik lil")

Diet Coke. (Be quiet, Mom.)

I've been working hard to convince him to try to say William Wyckoff, but he's not too interested in that yet. Once or twice, he's managed to say something that sounded a little like Wyckoff, but I could have been mistaken. So I won't list it yet, but I'm working on it.

I think my favorite new word is the full-length "banana." He says it with such pride. Such joie de vivre. Did I spell that right?

Incidentally, William managed to keep all of his New Year's resolutions from 2007. I went back and reread my blog post from New Year's Day of last year and discovered that David had suggested that William 1) learn to walk, 2) cut back on his binky addiction, 3) eat big people food, and 4) learn to talk. Check, check, check, check. We're four for four here. Not bad, eh? I don't have the energy to make New Year's resolutions for myself this year, let alone my newly verbal son this year, though. In order to keep batting 1.000 (I mean, we set the bar kinda high, didn't we?), I'd have to go find my toddler books and look up what he's likely to do this year, and I just don't wanna. If anyone else here would like to suggest good resolutions for William, though, please feel free!


Anonymous said...

"Learn to use the potty" is a good one for a two year old. Also saves a little $ for Mom and Dad.

How about "Kick the soccer ball with Dad"?

Or "Keep my socks on"?


Anonymous said...

William's pronounciation of 'Shower' is just the Southern way of saying it! After all, he is a Southern (California) boy! Keep talking, William! Love, Moma Judi

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! "William please don't poop in the bathtub" made me laugh out loud. Chris had to come to the computer to see what was so darn funny. We're just getting back in town from the Disney half-marathon, so of course I had to check in on my favorite little boy toddler. Thanks for the laugh.