Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

Today is Nov. 22, two days before Andrew's nine-month birthday. I am feeling guilty because he's about to turn nine months old, and I have only had his picture taken once. By the time William was nine months old, I think I'd had his picture taken at least four times.

Yeah, I know, there I go with the comparisons again. But seriously, I really need to address this. My brother-in-law has been known to remark about such things, being the little brother, and my own brother has been, too. I don't want Andrew to grow up and say, "Mom always did this stuff for William, but she never did nearly as much for me!"

This is, of course, a prime example of Second Child Syndrome. The poor, poor second child. The second child has to wear hand-me-downs, never gets as many naps, has to be dragged around to their older sibling's events and parties, isn't featured in as many photos. The first kid gets everything, the second child gets the leftovers. The list goes on and on.

[Insert editorial comment here about how First Child Syndrome is no picnic either. The parents are much harder on the first child, expect the first child to be more responsible, enforce stricter rules on the first child, etc. It's true, folks. Ask any First Child. I wonder if First Children have a higher incidence of stress-related illness, now that I think about it.]

Right now, I know Andrew doesn't care. I just hope that he doesn't grow up to care. And I really do feel guilty about some of it. I wish that Andrew could be the center of our universe, as David put it, like William was when he was a baby. Andrew certainly deserves to get some time in the spotlight as center of the universe. We all love him as though he were the center of the universe; in fact, he probably gets more love because he has William to love him, too, not just his parents.

But I'm not sure what I could really do about a lot of the things on the Second Child Syndrome list. The fact remains that we have an older child, too. I mean, I have to take William to school, and Andrew can't stay at home alone, ergo Andrew has to come with me. So he has to spend a lot of time in the car. And that messes up his nap schedule. It would be horribly wasteful not to re-use all the adorable clothes that are in wonderful condition, hence the hand-me-downs. Plus, he looks so sweet in them. And it saves money.

But I can do something about the picture situation. I just need to Do. It. I think I'll call the photographer now....

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Anonymous said...

I think you've taken some beautiful pictures of Andrew yourself. A lot of times those casual, candid shots are the ones you will enjoy the most in the future.

With love,