Monday, November 29, 2010

And we have crawling...

On Thanksgiving Day, Andrew decided to make a break for it.

He reached out his little arms and dragged himself about three or four feet across the living get to his big brother's toys.

And so it begins. It hasn't even been a week, and I can't tell you how many times William has howled for Andrew to leave his stuff alone. In fact, just tonight, he came downstairs and swept the Fisher-Price Nativity set out of his brother's reach.

"That's his now, too," I pointed out.

"No! It's mine!" William hollered, running back up the stairs as soon as he was confident that Andrew couldn't (easily) get to the Nativity set again.

As soon as William was upstairs, I made it easy on Andrew. I just piled all the pieces back into his lap so he wouldn't have to combat crawl over to them.

Besides, it made for a cute picture, and what am I all about if not a cute photo?

And yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas tree in my house already. It's been up since Thanksgiving.

How else would I get a Christmas tree assembled in my house if I didn't assign the task to my father on Thanksgiving night? I'm just bummed that he had to return home before he could hang all the Christmas lights up outside again. I may be a curmudgeon about the appearance of Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving but as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is finished, it's all fair game.

Side note on the crawling thing: Andrew has not really figured out how to move from a sitting position to a (combat) crawling position yet. I am not going to teach him. You'd better not, either.

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