Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Big Funny

William has been The Big Funny around here a lot lately. I've posted these anecdotes on Facebook, but I wanted to preserve them for later, when I need a good laugh.

The first one...

A couple of nights ago, I was helping William get ready for bed, and I was combing his wet hair. Offhandedly, I mentioned that I needed to do something with my own hair. Wiilliam took the comb and offered to comb my hair for me.

"Thank you, sweetie," I told him. "You're a very thoughtful young man."

William beamed and said, "Thanks! You're a very thoughtful old lady!"

The second one...

William is heavily into fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt right now. I have no idea why, except that he's always loved yogurt, and maybe he just likes the whole magic-ish transformation that happens when you stir the fruit up into the yogurt. Given that he's not a picky eater at all (thank heavens!), I've been buying up a bunch of random flavors for him to try. Black cherry, blueberry, peach, pear, he has enjoyed them all so far.

Last night, he was rummaging around in the fridge for a new carton of yogurt, while I worked on getting the baby settled in the high chair. I heard him exclaim, with great joy, "Oh wow! Doughnuts!"

I was mystified. There weren't any doughnuts in the fridge. At least there weren't any doughnuts in the fridge that I knew about.

Then he added, "Doughnut-flavored yogurt!"

I peered over the top of his head into the fridge and saw what he was so excited about. And of course, I had to burst his bubble.

"Um, sorry, kiddo, but that's actually pineapple-flavored yogurt."

And the third one...

This really is not a specific anecdote, per se. It's just that William keeps trying to claim that he's a slow eater. If you know him, you are probably convulsed with laughter right about now.

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