Friday, April 17, 2009

Two good things

We've had a very up-and-down week here. But I did want to share two of the highlights.

The first was...William asked me last night at dinner if he could say a prayer for all the people who lost all their things in the storm (we had a bad tornado come through Middle Tennessee last week). And he remembered and included them in his night-night prayer.

The second was...we asked William what else he wanted to have for breakfast this morning to go with his oatmeal. And I swear to God, the boy said, "How about some vegetables?" David recovered his composure first and said, "Well, sure, William. Um, how about some carrots?" And William said, "Hmm, no. Can I have some broccoli, please?" I am not making this up. I couldn't make that up. You can ask David if you don't believe me.

If nothing else, this sort of thing reminds me why I still love my child even when he takes the Terrible Almost-Threes and rachets them up by a factor of about, oh, infinity.

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