Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg "Hunt"

Whew. Two Easter egg hunts in one day. That's a lot of Easter egg hunting.

We went to one in our neighborhood, which was very very nice, and then we went to Cheekwood to attend the Easter festival there. As part of the festival, there were egg hunts every 30 minutes for several hours.

Although, to be accurate, these really weren't Easter egg hunts, not in the "hunt" sense of the term. There was no actual hunting involved. At both "hunts," the organizers merely rolled dozens of eggs out there and let the kids run for 'em. Someone at the neighborhood hunt did get very ambitious, though, and scattered some eggs on the playground equipment. So there was some climbing involved in that, at least.

But they were fun. William was big enough this year to pick up the eggs by himself with no trouble, and I think he thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

And here are some photos from Cheekwood.

We opted to attend the Cheekwood Easter egg hunt this year instead of the one at the zoo, and that turned out to be a good decision. The parking was a little more challenging, but the set-up at Cheekwood was terrific. Since there was a new egg hunt every 30 minutes, it wasn't like all your child's egg-hunting dreams hinged on one little moment when they might get stuck behind an oversized kid who should probably be studying for his geometry mid-term instead of hunting for eggs. Or a parent who doesn't get the concept that it's an Easter egg hunt for the children, and the children are supposed to pick up the eggs. We picked up Diane on the way, and then we met up with Leland and Mary-Allen and their families when we got there.

We couldn't get them altogether to pose for a picture. This was as close as I got.

Yes, that's my son with his Easter basket on his head. We're expecting him to be valedictorian one day, of course.

A rare photo of me with William. We were opening his eggs to find out what was inside. Mostly caramels, as it turned out.

This was an unexpected hit. After the kids picked up a handful of eggs, we all meandered down the hill to the little pond. A bunch of frogs (toads?) live there, where they showed off for their enthusiastic audience.

Photos of yesterday's egg-dyeing session to come!

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