Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Cold! Cold! It's supposed to get cold tonight! At long last! Cold!

Okay, not really cold. Not fire-in-the-fireplace cold. Not turn-on-the-heat cold. Not even fire-engine-sweater cold. But my trusty old pal reports that the forecast for tonight is 46 degrees. Say, maybe that IS fire-engine-sweater weather. Maybe I should wake William up and put his fire engine sweater on over his fire engine pajamas....mmmmm, okay, maybe not. Let sleeping toddlers lie.

Anyway, I'm all jazzed up about the weather finally cooling off. I know, I know, it will likely heat back up again before it's all said and done. But still. Here I've been, all fretting that it's going to be 90 degrees on Halloween and William will cook to death in a little blonde puddle inside his fleece frog costume. But maybe it will be chilly enough by then after all.

On that note, it certainly wasn't cool for my mother's visit this past weekend. I had hoped it would be nice and crisp, but alas. We did, however, have a lovely time with her being here. Mom, Diane and I took William to the botanical gardens at Cheekwood so we could walk around, have lunch and see the scarecrow exhibit.

William was not too sure about the scarecrows.

But how do you explain to a 17-month-old kid who lives in the suburbs what a scarecrow is, anyway? "Well, son, you know what a farm is, right? Well, sometimes these birds called crows like to come and eat the crops before they're harvested...yes, crops, um, well...they're like really big plants...see, you can grow things like big plants on farms, they're not just for animals. Yes, cows go mooooo....Ah, yeah, and sheep go, now where was I again?"

Anyway. We had a really nice time, just ambling around the grounds, seeing the scarecrows, admiring the people and just enjoying the sunshine and the company. William got to get out of the stroller and walk a fair amount, which of course he loved.

And he had three women doting over him and admiring his every move, which he loved even more.

Afterward, we had lunch in the Pineapple Room. William methodically tore apart his grilled cheese sandwich but didn't actually eat very much of it. We don't think he really quite gets the concept of a sandwich yet. He did, however, put away some french fries and fruit. And we enjoyed some ladies-who-lunch food, since we were indeed lunching ladies.

We said goodbye to Mama Judi yesterday morning, but we reassured William that he'd see her again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, did we have loads of fun at Cheekwood! It was great to get to visit Judi and catch up on things.
William did seem a little wary of the scarecrows and I don't blame him. Some of them were pretty strange and scary looking. Others were very clever and amusing - like the funny lady scarecrow with a smile on her face and three crows sitting on her.

I think he did a great job in the Pinapple Room. He seemed happy to be sitting right up at the table in a booster seat.

Hope Judi can come again soon!

With love,