Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New shoes

There comes a time in the life of every young man where he must...get some new shoes. We're pretty convinced that William recently had a growth spurt. He seems taller, somehow, and he probably is, even though we haven't officially measured him to find out. His summer rompers are all too small; it looks like he's wearing a dress because all the snaps always come unsnapped at the bottom. He couldn't stretch his feet out (or his legs) in his 18-month pajamas, and he's even starting to outgrow his Robeez. So I put away the jammies, bought a few new larger pairs, bought a bunch of fall clothes, and shopped for some bigger shoes.

Here's William in his first pair of Keds:

The first pair of Keds, but at the rate his feet grow, probably not the last.

He really looks like a big boy now, doesn't he? He already had stopped looking like a baby, but the shoes really do it, I think. I also took him to the shoe store where his grandmother bought shoes for his daddy when he was little, and we got a pair of little white Sunday shoes. They are really cute, so I'll have to remember to photograph him in his Sunday School outfit this week, now that he has decent shoes to wear with it.


natalie said...

Wow! He really does look like a little boy here! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Goodness!!!!! He does look so grown up! Tell William his moma's first pair of Keds were red, white, and blue! Love, Moma Judi

Anonymous said...

He really does look like a little boy - not even a toddler - in that photo. Aaron reminded me that the first time we went to Lonnie Young's for shoes for David, we got him both Keds and the white high top shoes.
How does David like the UT overalls I see in the backgroud? I think they're cute!

With love,
Mama Dee

Jennifer Larson said...

I almost bought white hightops but at the last second decided to get the little white low shoes. They're just as cute but just a touch more "big boy."

We haven't put the UT overalls on him yet: I picked them up at a consignment sale. See how much I love my husband that I bought UT clothes for our child? :)