Saturday, October 20, 2007

The great hot air balloon festival

This is what we're doing today:

William and I are in Natchez, and we're attending the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race. We're getting to see the hot air balloons up close and in person. And let me just tell you, no way no how would you EVER convince me to get in one of those things. But wow, they are spectacular to look at! William is fascinated by them; well, he's not a big fan of the inflating process because he doesn't like the loud noise caused by the fire heating the air inside the balloons, but oh, he's having so much fun looking at the huge balloons.

We're headed back down to the river bluff to watch the big race at 4 p.m. We've seen them inflate some of the balloons, and we've seen some drifting overhead through the town. Now we're going to watch them take off, en masse.


Anonymous said...

WOW! (As William is probably saying) Those ballons are BIG when you're up close! I'll bet that race is really something to see! Have fun!

With love,
Mama Dee

natalie said...

That is SO COOL. Wish we could see that!