Friday, October 12, 2007

Keep the streak alive

We have now gone two full weeks without darkening the doorstep of the pediatrician's office. Go, us! Maybe we can make it three full weeks. Who here's a betting man?

That is, I think we can make it three full weeks if William doesn't contract something, like, oh say, anthrax. See, we went to the zoo Thursday. It was the perfect fall day, and I was itching to get outside. We just meandered around, checked out whatever was in our path. And William got to pet a sheep!

Afterward, David says to me, "Make sure you wash his hands really well before he eats, just in case the sheep has anthrax." I think he was kidding. I think.

I mean, who's the most likely person to contract some really weird disease? Hello, the doctor's kid!

Checking out the elephants:

Two boys, out for a leisurely stroll:


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! What a great day for an outing! Are those new jeans and shoes he's wearing? Looks like he's getting into his Fall wardrobe.

Mama Dee

natalie said...

First, oh my gracious - look at that boy walking!

Second - ha! I can just see you flipping out once David mentioned anthrax.