Wednesday, January 06, 2010

There will be snow. Maybe.

Today is January 6. It's Epiphany, the day traditionally celebrated as the day the Magi found their way to the Baby Jesus. I tried to explain the significance to William, but he was dubious. After all, his nativity set has the three wise men, with their camels and crowns and gold/frankincense/myrrh right there in the stable with everyone else. Why would the nativity set lie?

At any rate, this is my first post of the new year 2010. Is it also the new decade? That's open to debate, of course. I'm having a hard time reconciling the fact that it's been ten whole years since my friends and I celebrated New Year's Eve 1999 in Memphis. There's a good story that I'll tell you some other time about how the water in our apartment got shut off, but I'll leave that alone for now. Somewhere around here, I have a picture of me and David from that night, and I'll have to scan it and post it. We were so young and skinny! Of course, David is still skinny, but there you go.

I just put William to bed a little early because he refused naptime today (sadly, a too-common phenomenon these days). Luckily, as is typical on a no-nap day, he went down with little resistance. He also is hoping to rest up because...drum roll, please...we are expecting to get somewhere between two and six inches of snow in the night tonight. The first big snow of the year! We've had flurries several mornings over the past week, which were pretty but pretty unconsequential. We're having a record cold spell, and for days, all the meteorologists have been forecasting actual snow tonight and tomorrow. I'm a little dubious of that myself. We've been so duly warned, and we've all prepared so well--I put gas in the minivan, bought bread and milk, bought long johns for William--that it just seems unlikely that we really will get snow. When I was a child, it seemed like the only times we got snow where when we were totally UNprepared. I guess that skepticism hasn't worn off yet.

So we'll see. David's got the day off tomorrow, and it would just be so perfect if we did get snow because he could play in the snow with William. William's been eager to build a snowman and have a snowball fight, and well, I'm not exactly in the best shape to do that sort of thing. I can be the Official Photographer, of course, since that does not require any bending or lifting.

What do you think? Is it really going to snow?

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