Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Daze

Well, we were probably overdue from some Serious Snow, weren't we?

The snow started falling in earnest on Friday morning, and it literally snowed all day long. And then it sleeted a little bit in the evening, and then it snowed again. Amazing.

Here are some photos from can see the snow still falling while I took the pictures:

Not the best snow for making snowballs--it was too powdery--but we did give it the old college try:

What's a good snow day if you don't have hot chocolate afterward?

David took William out for a ride on his own old toboggan yesterday afternoon:

I have to admit, it really did look like fun, William being pulled around on the toboggan. I figured it would be cruel and unusual to ask David to pull me on the toboggan, though...

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