Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting ready

Don't worry. I haven't gone into preterm labor or anything like that yet. We've just been swamped with other things going on, and sadly, I've neglected my blog here. David and I have been diligently cleaning out the home office/storage pit for the baby's room, and I've had a lot of freelance work that I've been trying to get done. Add to that one busy preschooler and one big fat mama-to-be, and well, the spirit was willing but the body said, "Nah, go lie down. You can write on the blog later. And geez, can you do something about these huge swollen ankles and feet?"

At any rate, we did muster up enough energy to take William to the Big Siblings class at Baptist Hospital a couple weeks ago. William and his buddy Leland were very diligent little students. William informed the whole class that the umbilical cord's purpose is to connect the baby to the mommy inside her belly (the instructor's response: "William, would you like to come teach this class?). And he also revealed that his mommy's belly button has nearly disappeared. He doesn't hold back, does he?

He also learned how to diaper a baby. Well, he got some help:

And the highlight of the morning was getting to tour the labor and delivery unit and see the new teeny tiny babies in the nursery. Actually, that was probably just as useful to me as it was interesting to William. David held William up to the window so he could get a closer look at the babies, and the nurses in the nursery recognized David and began waving to him and pointing at William. I'd forgotten that they might recognize David! Meanwhile, I was making mental notes on everything I saw. Wow, these civilian hospitals are so plush compared to the military hospitals. I never had any issues with the Navy hospital where I delivered William, but these other hospitals are really so much fancier. I need to ask if they even have wi-fi....

Since our visit to the hospital, I've been trying to get my hospital bag ready, too. I had no idea it would be so hard to find pajamas or a nightshirt that buttons down the front. Really, is that such a strange thing to want to buy? No. But the people who make pajamas and nightshirts apparently have never tried to breastfeed a hungry baby. I'm still packing that bag so it will be ready when I need it, and I should pack a bag for William, too, since he'll be going to stay with his grandparents when the time comes. And yes, it amazes me, too, that the time is now so close. Well, so close and yet so far. When I go over the list of things I still need to do, the time seems very short. But when I'm attempting to roll over in bed without the aid of a forklift, well, let's just say that I'm looking forward to not being pregnant much longer.

Even William is nesting. He's been digging out old baby toys and lining them carefully up in a row, then calling me over to tell me how he will teach the baby how to play with each one. It's very, very cute. (Yes, it's also a little inconvenient, but well, I don't want to stifle his enthusiasm.)

So that's where I am right now. Trying to get the office cleaned out enough to turn it into a nursery. Trying to prepare for an eventual trip to the hospital. Trying to get work done before going into labor. Trying to breathe with this ridiculous head cold that I've come down with. Trying to remember all the stuff that I need to buy.

Actually, that last one is of the hardest ones. You'd think, oh, we've had a baby, so we should have everything. No. No no no. Yes, we do have crib sheets, crib linens, onesies, blankets and toys. And we have a Boppy, a bouncy seat, a Bumbo seat, and plans to borrow a bassinette. But we need to get wipes, diapers, diaper cream, a new changing table cover, changing mats, baby bath wash, a new baby bath tub, some more baby wash cloths, a breast pump and supplies, bottles, nursing pads, some nursing bras for me, socks for the baby (um, I promise that William wore socks, but for the life of me, I don't know which alternate universe they must have vacated to), a warm hat for the baby, new binkies, and God knows what else. I just got our new stroller from the UPS man today, and we have a new carseat en route. I want to get some burp cloths monogrammed for the baby (that is, if we can ever settle on a full name). And I probably should go through everything and make sure we have enough warm sleepers for the little guy, since we only had a few for William, as he was a spring baby. The thing is...right now, we still don't have a good place to store all this stuff, so I keep putting off the purchasing of said stuff. I guess if worst comes to worst, I can send David or Diane out to Target for a few of the most vital necessities and then pick up the rest later myself. Hurray for living close to Target this time around.

Whew. No wonder I'm tired, right? In addition to being the size of an aircraft carrier, I'm carrying around a lot of stuff in my head!


natalie said...

Nursing pajamas: http://www.pajamagram.com/newmoms.html

I had the blue tank set and they were great. it's cold now, so the 3/4 sleeve lavender set would probably be better.

Good luck! We're thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

I have an awesome baby bathtub that filters out the dirty water while the clean water flows in. It also has a built in thermometer that is much more reliable than a duck's butt.

Love and miss you -- won't be long!