Wednesday, July 01, 2009


You can't keep a good man down.

William went running down the sidewalk this evening, and unfortunately that mean old sidewalk reached up and tripped him. Down he went, SPLAT. The result was a skinned knee, two skinned palms, wounded pride and lots of tears.

However, a green popsicle and some hugs and kisses and attention from Mommy and Daddy can make it all better. Oh yes, and six band-aids. (Were all six necessary? No. But when you're three, you have to milk these occasions for all you can. Oh the drama.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor little guy! Looks as though he recovered quickly. Popsicles and bandaids help a lot!

Dee Dee

Aub said...

OKAY! He looks SOOOOO BIG!!!!!! And SOOO CUTE!!! Thank goodness for popsicles! They really do make all things in life, well!