Monday, July 13, 2009

Gear for the beach

As some of you know, our family takes a big trip to the beach each summer. This summer will mark our fourth time to take William to the beach.

As I was talking with one of the other people who will be going to the beach with us, I started reminiscing about all the stuff that we had to take with us to the beach the last few times to accommodate William. When he was three months old, we were flying in from California, so we prevailed upon Diane, who generously lugged along a Pack-n-Play and a bouncy seat for us. The next year, William was one, so we still brought the Pack-n-Play but ditched the bouncy seat in favor of a booster seat for the table and a gigantic basket of toys. Last year, we brought the inflatable bed and the booster seat and toys, both for the house and the beach. Each year, we had to slightly adjust the specific type of gear that we brought, but the end effect was the same: we were Sherpas for our son.

This year, however, will be the most gear-free year we've ever had. Pretty much we'll be bringing toys. No stroller. No travel bed (we're planning to have William sleep in a twin bed in a room with the other little boy, Graham, who will be coming to the beach). No special seating. Just toys. And yet this is the year we finally have a minivan and could actually fit all the extra stuff in! Ah well.

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