Sunday, June 14, 2009

A whole slew of photos, from Natchez to baseball to ice cream

I am very, very, very behind on posting pictures here.

I'll hit a few of the big highlights of late...

William with Miss Aubrey at his class' end of the year party:

William with a banner on Pentecost at his grandaddy's church:

You see, that was William's first time ever to attend a Children's Time in church, and I was worried he wouldn't sit still for it. Luckily, Dad had apparently through this through in advance. He gave all the kids these ribboned banners and told them they could run through the church and wave their banners. I wish I had a photo of William beaming as he trotted after all the bigger kids, waving his banner through the aisles because his expression was priceless.

William with his Uncle John in Natchez:

William swimming at a friend's house in Natchez (note: "swimming" actually means "playing on the side of the pool and resolutely refusing to get in the pool):

Me with a margarita:

Dressed after "swimming," William then progressed to playing in the playhouse:

William with Grandaddy Johnny:

William and Leland at the pool on Saturday morning:

William and David singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the Nashville Sounds game last night:

Saying "Cheese!" for Crackerjacks (his first ones!):

At the big Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' ice cream festival this afternoon, with David and DeeDee:

William, shoveling ice cream down his gullet as fast as he could:

Two very sweet little old ladies pulled me aside and cooed over how adorable they thought he was--how serious he was, eating his ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

Cute photos! Our little guy really gets around, doesn't he?

Dee Dee