Saturday, June 20, 2009

California, here they come

I have to write down as much as I remembered about a little discussion we had last night with William.

You know how William adores castles and loves to talk about his "castle people"? Well, last night, he informed us, with great seriousness, that the castle people were moving out of their castle.

We gasped in mock surprise. And then William told us that they were moving to California, where they were going to move into another castle there. The knights apparently will stay in the old castle here. I didn't realize that the knights weren't considered part of the "castle people" but apparently they're not. Also, who knew there were so many castles out there, especially in a country that's not even a monarchy?

This whole little bit reminded me of my little brother when he was about William's age. John had these two stuffed things that he slept with at night; one was a soft Fisher Price doll that John called Blue Baby and the other was a shapeless lump of pale yellow cotton called, yes, Yellow Baby. Once, John apparently misplaced his babies, which would normally be cause for major alarm. But instead, he calmly informed us that "Yellow Baby and Blue Baby went camping." Where did he get that? Who knows? At least we can hazard a guess as to where William got his idea for his castle people to go west!

By the way, William just now informed me the new castle in California would be near the beach and it would be "an orange, green and yellow kind of castle." That would be a most, er, interesting-looking castle, don't you think? The castle will also have a lot of "new knights with round heads and helmets with visors on them that come up and down." I can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I'll miss the castle people. Maybe William and I will have to take a trip to California to visit. Or maybe, that castle near the beach will be their summer home and they'll be back in beautiful Tennessee this autumn.

With Love,
Dee Dee

Holly said...

Perhaps it's time to introduce the idea of beach houses. Er, castles. Maybe the castle people are just spending the season in Malibu and will return to their normal castle in the fall.