Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Natchez Update

Please don't fall over in shock. Yes, it's been about ten days since I last updated this blog, but don't worry. William's healthy, I'm healthy, David's healthy, it's all good.

In fact, William bounced back from his miserable bout with...well, whatever it was that gave him those fevers and destroyed his appetite to the point that he even turned down popsicles...and we got the chance to come visit Ma and Pa Larson down in Natchez after all.

For those of you who actually do want the logistical details: David and Aaron drove us to Memphis last Thursday, where we rendezvoused at Grandaddy Dudley's house and met Mom and Daddy. David and Aaron then made a beeline for Corky's so David could get his ribs, and William and I took our inaugural ride in what will be our new minivan. Mom and Daddy drove us down here to Natchez, where we're staying until this Friday. At that point, I'll drive myself and the Little Prince north to Nashville.

What? Yes, I will soon be a Minivan Mom. About two years ago....actually maybe even a year ago...that would have made me squirm with self-induced angst over my impending entry into Suburban Matronhood. I thought of myself as still a little bit hip and couldn't imagine myself in a Mom-mobile. Well, guess what, folks? I'm so over that now. Let's be honest about my reality here. I live in the suburbs. I'm a mom. I wear bathing suits with skirts on them. I carry a purse stuffed with small boxes of raisins and Spider-Man fruit treats. Let's just call a spade a spade, shall we?

And so soon I will have a nice roomy minivan with plenty of room for people and stuff. And I can't wait. I didn't realize how small my Mazda was until I took a road trip in the minivan last week. Geez. Was I really so worried about being hip (despite the fact that I haven't been hip in a long, long time...and in fact, may never have been hip at all) that I would have forsaken room to tote around lots of stuff and have room for people at the same time?


Anonymous said...

Did you look at the Mazda5? It's like a mini minivan. I recently had it as a rental car, and I loved it. It's not really much bigger than my CRV (although it doesn't have much clearance), but it has a third row of seats! That can be folded down (making it more CRV-ish)! It has sliding doors! But it's mini-mini!

On the other hand, you cannot wear bathing suits with skirts. I command you to cut the skirts off all your bathing suits right now.


Anonymous said...

For me it was "I'll never NEVER drive a station wagon!" I grew up riding in them with my sister and two brothers.
But, lo and behold, David and Mark came along and what did I end up driving? A nice, roomy Ford Taurus station wagon. It led a long life with the Wyckoffs and even went to college with Mark for a few years.

Enjoy your minivan!


Anonymous said...

I thought you were cool for like a short time in the 90s?

Only kidding. You are one the coolest moms I know!


Jennifer Larson said...

Hmmm, you know, Kathleen, you might be right...there was a time around 1990 or so that I had a couple of good days. Or was that 1995? Hmmm. Now that I'm an old unhip suburban matron, it's hard to recall the specifics from my former life....