Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some Halloween photos to tide us over

It's taking me forever to get Halloween pictures organized and posted, so I'll just have to do it piecemeal.

And frankly, I'm just glad there are pictures at all...I managed to break our camera at Leland's birthday party on Saturday morning. Ack. That poor camera. We bought it when I was pregnant with William, and it's taken so many pictures since that it deserves a Bronze Star for meritorious service or something. Is meritorious even a word? I digress. I read a news article a few months ago about a UPS driver who logged something insane like a million miles on the same UPS truck over a couple of decades of work. My little silver camera was like the Canon equivalent of that truck. That was even more of a digression, wasn't it? Bottom line, that camera has worked hard, but at least it held out through Halloween!

Anyway, here are a few...

We had a Wyckoff-McDonough family Halloween shindig at our house this year. Mark, Diane and William represented our family with costumes:

Here, Alethea helps William sort out and organize his candy, clearly a very serious enterprise.

I'm a little unclear on their sorting criteria. I think I heard Alethea proposing that they sort by color, but it could be that they ended up sorting by candy type. What I do know is that William has enthusiastically embraced this whole free candy thing. He's eaten almost all the lollipops he collected, except for the Tootsie Roll Pop, which er, I am going to work on convincing him to give to his dear old mom. Last year, he didn't understand candy, so we ate Twix bars and M&Ms from his pumpkin with abandon. This year, it's going to be much harder to get away with that. So my plan is to let him eat some of it, over the course of a few days, and gradually spirit away the rest. For the sake of his teeth, of course.

Hopefully we'll get this whole ugly dead camera debacle behind us soon.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! We had tons of fun!

Dee Dee

Shab said...

I recently let my sister-in-law have my canon because she really liked it, thinking I'd get another (they are not that much these days!)
It seemed like most new canons at bestbuy these days were actually a downgrade (no viewfinder or less zoom...etc)
I finally settled on the Powershot SD890. I got it through Amazon and it was about 50 bucks cheaper there than anywhere else online. (didn't find it in the stores)
The only downside is--if you already have a spare battery then you'll probably want to get one that uses a battery like yours. (I think we checked and you had the fatter battery right? Mine has the thinner one...)

Anyway, I can't remember for sure.

The advantage to the 890 is that it also has a 5x zoom!

You know that with the canon powershot no one can go wrong! :)

Shab said...
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Shab said...

Here's a pretty helpful link to a comparison of PowerShots: