Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to the treehouse again

I meant to post this on Thursday, but I got distracted.

Let me just say a big hearty "thank goodness" for the Monkey's Treehouse. As the weather cools down again, and rainy cold days are in the forecast, it's nice to have an indoor destination where my child can run wild. During the summer, we spent a lot of mornings at the pool, and in the autumn, we often headed to a nearby playground. As winter approaches, we'll be putting the Monkey's Treehouse back into our regular rotation of playspaces. We'll still go to storytime at the library and visit the train tables at the bookstore, but as I've written before, more is expected of children in those situations. They actually do need to be quiet at times--or at least not run amok. So it's nice to have a place where William can run around (or amok) and make noise and it's all good.

This is the part of the post when I would normally sigh and say that I miss the Bellevue Mall's play area. But I have committed myself to not saying that because the renovation of the mall is going to result in a big new lovely library, and that will benefit far more people than just us. I'll just have to keep searching for more good indoor activities for winter for my exuberant (read: rowdy and noisy) son.

Here he is, with Leland, putting on a big show in the play theater. He picked the purple witch's costume out all by himself.

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Aub said...

William being loud and running amok? NEVER! :-) I love his energy! I so wish I had more of it!!