Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Late Father's Day

I'm embarrassed to be this late about doing it, but I want to wish all the daddies in my life a happy Father's Day. That includes my own daddy, my father-in-law, my grandfathers, my friends who are fathers, and last but definitely not least, my husband.

William with his daddy and his daddy's daddy on Father's Day:

We had a relatively quiet Father's Day, with a family supper here at the house. I made spaghetti, and Diane made strawberry cake. William pronounced the cake "delicious," which cracked everyone up because it's such an adult-sounding word, and it just sounded so funny coming out of his mouth! But well, the cake WAS delicious, so what else could he really have said, you know?

But just so you know, just because I am late in formally wishing everyone a happy father's day, it does not mean that I do not appreciate all the fathering that you all do.

Random father anecdote: David showed William our DVD of "Finding Nemo" for the first time recently. I'd forgotten...or maybe I never really appreciated...how scary parts of the movie can be. But it's not the sharks that scare me anymore...it's the prospect of losing your child. Gah! Perhaps nervous parents like me shouldn't watch this movie after all. William loved it, however. But David mentioned that he does have an all-new perspective on it--and newfound sympathy for the father clownfish--now that he's a father, too.

Someone should make a list: Things You Should (or Should Not) Revisit Now That You're a Parent. And it should come with warnings, like "Do Not Watch This if You're Prone to Anxiety" or "This Will Make You All Sniffly Now." And it should definitely include big red flags for anything that might set off the Dead Baby Alarm.

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