Monday, June 09, 2008

First sighting of the water table

How do you know it's summer at last?

Why, it's the first sighting of the water table, of course!

Released from its umnatural winter habitat (the garage), the domestic water table, or as it is known by its Latin name, the mensa fontis, unfolds its plumage and shakes off the dust in early summer. It then takes up temporary residence in a grassy backyard, typically becoming most active on sunny days and early summer evenings.

The water table's bright colors and water-soaking ability tend to attract small children. Although the water table does not have its own significant call, you can typically deduce that one is in the vicinity by the high-pitched shouts and squeals emanating from its following of the aforementioned small children.

Yes, we dragged the water table out of the garage after dinner, rinsed it out and encouraged William to splash to his little heart's content.

However, he was enthralled by his daddy watering the trees. So he figured, I've got this whole water table's worth of water and a watering can...let me help, too. And so he did. He wanted to make sure the trees all got a nice cool drink of water on a warm summer evening. He's a thoughtful little guy, William is.

We're having an early heat wave here, and frankly, I haven't wanted to take him outside during the day that much. But last night, around 7 p.m., it cooled down enough to feel pleasant outside. We doused the little prince in bug spray and set him loose. I foresee many more evenings like this ahead of us this summer, and that's just fine with me.

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