Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What? More snow??

This weather is just so weird! We had snow again!

Before I opened the blinds in his room this morning, I asked William what he thought he'd see outside. His face brightened and he crowed, "'NO?"

"That's RIGHT!" I said and threw open the blinds with a flourish. He was very pleased. So much so that getting him dressed before he could go check out the snow felt like the qualifying round for a complicated Olympic sport. You know, one of those multi-tasking ones, like the one that requires you to cross country ski while shooting a rifle at moving targets, or maybe Greco-Roman wrestling but with more clothes, not less.

It's been back and forth all day, though. It will snow like crazy for fifteen minutes, then taper off, and then the sun comes out. Then it stays clear and sunny for a half hour, and then the sky darkens, and the snow flurries start up again. Right now, the snow is really coming down out there. But twenty minutes ago, it was sunny and patches of blue sky were peeking out. Weird. W-E-I-R-D.

Weird or not, snow is a Good Thing when you're 22 months old. Who cares if you fall down and get the knees of your pants wet and muddy? Who cares if you drop a mitten and your hand gets all wet and cold? It's SNOWING!

Oh yes, and here's an off-centered cameo of me, to prove that I, too, was out there in the snow. It was snowing so hard for awhile that I even dug out my snow hat from my days at the University of Maryland to wear.

The only bad thing about the snow today is that I have to drive back in to church tonight to help serve dinner for the weekly homeless shelter meal. William and I made a grocery run earlier today, so I've got the stuff. I just hope the roads don't freeze over between now and then. It may seem like it snows a lot here in Nashville but that sure doesn't mean that all of us know how to drive in it. And believe me, I certainly fall into that category!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! you both look like you're just loving the snow!

Dee Dee