Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eight is Great!

Check out my big wonderful happy kid!! William is eight today!

I mean, look how grown up he looks. Eight years old. Somehow eight just seems so much older than seven, doesn't it? I'm not sure why. I remember thinking that when I turned eight back in...oh Lord, do I want to even admit what year that was? 

So it wouldn't be a birthday without an "eeee, look at the new baby!" photo. This is one from when William was 13 days old. Looking back at his earliest photos, he was a little jaundiced there for awhile. But it went away fairly quickly, leaving him looking pink and marvelous. Man, it's almost hard to believe he was very that small. But I was there, so I can say for sure that he was. 

And here's another photo from this morning. I managed to cook a hot breakfast for the boys AND take birthday photos AND still get William to school on time. Booyah! I've learned something in eight years. (And that is...it's much easier to get out the door in the morning when at least one of your kids can pretty much do everything for himself.)

Little brother wanted in on the act, and it was his idea to hold up eight fingers. Of course, he isn't actually holding up eight fingers in the photo--but William is, so there you go.

William has requested bacon and eggs and waffles for his birthday dinner, and I figured, hey, that's as good as anything. So we'll break out the breakfast-for-dinner food here in a little while and then eat cake. Bacon and cake. It doesn't get much better than that. 

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