Monday, April 21, 2014

A few more Easter photos

Another set of Easter photos from the Wyckoff brothers!

Check it out. They're clean. They're smiling. Their hair has been combed. There are no milk mustaches. They're looking at the camera. Even the background (my tree!) is pretty. I love the big-time miracle that we celebrate on Easter, but I have to say that I also love these little domestic miracles, too.

Whenever they drive me crazy, y'all remind me that they can be as sweet as pie, too.  

Oh, and if you're wondering why someone is always holding Andrew or holding onto him in every photo, it's because it's the only way to get a family photo that includes him. He'll take off, otherwise. In fact, not long after these photos, he darted off to run around under the giant magnolia trees in front of the church and came back dirty and bleeding. Yup. This is why I carry around band-aids in every bag I own.

Happy Easter from our house to yours. 

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