Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few new Andrew photos

Drive-by posting to show off how unreasonably cute my younger son is.

This is a snapshot that technically I should not have taken because I took it at the photo studio when I was having his portrait made. I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to. I took it after the photographer did his thing, though, and I bought a ton of photos from him, so I'm not feeling too guilty. Sorry it's sideways.

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I was hoping for just one good photo of Andrew so that he won't whine in 25 years that I didn't get his picture taken nearly as often as I did for his big brother. Luckily, we got several, plus we got some cute ones of Andrew and William together, so I am looking forward to getting those. I need to buy a bunch of frames now.

And these are two photos taken less than 30 minutes ago. Andrew was laughing at the bears hanging from the Pack'n'Play. Somewhere around here, I have an almost identical picture of his big brother at the same age doing the same thing.

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He's starting to smile a lot more often, which is both marvelous and reassuring. Also, look how giant he is! Last week, he had his two-month well-baby visit, and he weighed 13.2 pounds! He was a smidge over 23 inches long, too. I don't know how I grow such giant babies, but there you go. I'm two for two.

Oh, yes. Pictures of William turning four are coming soon. He doesn't have his four-year well-child visit in about two weeks, so I won't have vital stats on him again until then. He's pretty hale and hearty, though.


Anonymous said...

Darling little guy! Cute photos! i noticed that he was really watching those bears the last time I was there. He's also smiling and interacting and "conversing" more.


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